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College-Bound, College and 20-Somethings Career Coach, Providing Young Individuals With a Competitive Edge!


Hello, and welcome to COLLEGE EDGE & BEYOND! My name is Carrie Robinson, and I am the host of the COLLEGE EDGE & BEYOND! website. I have been in the coaching, resume writing and recruiting business for over 15 years.

I focus in coaching high school, college-bound, and college students as well as 20-somethings. Our services help individuals create momentum early on even before their actual college and working careers begin. We enable students to take charge of their upcoming careers by developing key habits that will follow them through college and into the rest of their work life. We help give career direction and provide life-long Career Success tools to 20-somethings. Our programs are completely customized for you!

Planning now for the future opens up endless possibilities along the way including opportunities for summer internship programs, developing an academic and business network early on, enhancing organizational skills, thinking outside the box, understanding the power of their personal brand, and taking charge of their careers.

I love helping others succeed so please feel free to call me personally with any questions or issues you may be facing. I would love to help you.

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Carrie Robinson


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